Purchasing NFTP license

Since 23.11.2008 NFTP is no longer shareware. It is freeware. Use license code:

Instruction for entering license code into the program:

To register your copy of NFTP, please do the following:

1) Start NFTP, select "Options" submenu, then "Registration code".

2) Small window with two entry fields will appear. Type your registration name and code into the entry fields. Make sure you do *not* enter any quotes around the name/code. You can switch between fields with Tab or up/down arrow keys.

It is always safer to use cut-n-paste instead of retyping to avoid errors; when underlying platform supports it (OS/2: VIO, PM, X11; Unix: X11; Windows), Shift-Insert will paste clipboard contents into the entry field. On platforms where NFTP does not support clipboard natively (OS/2 xterm, Unix console/xterm, BeOS), you can usually use OS-provided means to paste clipboard contents into the entry fields.

3) When done, press Enter. NFTP should display a window with message: "Thank you for registering NFTP!". Select "OK" button or simply press Enter. If you will ever want to check whether NFTP is running in registered or unregistered mode, open "Help" submenu, then select "About NFTP...".

You can also download NFTP source code and compile it.

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