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19 Jun 2008
After usual fiddling with termcap includes, NFTP for x86 Solaris 10 is out.
19 Apr 2007
Current 1.72.b4 verified to work on Fedora Core 5.
15 Apr 2007
Fixed hang in Win32gui user interface layer (which was developed but never released). NFTP now uses 'Documents and Settings' under Windows to store user files.
12 Apr 2007
All strings to be localized have been converted to gettext except help screens which need rewriting anyway. I am throwing away current localization method.
11 Apr 2007
Exclusions are implemented in mirroring and seem to work. I am slowly converting sources to use gettext instead of homebred localization system used previously. gettext verified to work ok on Windows. OS/2 and BeOS need testing! Unix should present no problems.
7 Apr 2007
The following mirroring options have been added to NFTP:
  1. whether to delete unmatched files (was a separate menu item);
  2. whether to recurse into subdirectories (was a separate menu item);
  3. whether to ignore file modification times;
  4. whether to confirm deletions (was an option in nftp.ini -- too cumbersome to use);
  5. an option just to display what would be done but don't do any transfer/deletion;
  6. whether to work in case insensitive mode for filenames (was an option in nftp.ini -- too cumbersome to use);
  7. allowed timestamp mismatch in seconds (relaxes file modification time comparisons);
  8. shell-style expressions for exclusion of files and directories (separately)
  9. regular expressions for exclusion of files and directories (separately)
Not all of these options were implemented and tested. 1,2,4,6 were already working; 3,5,7 seem to work but need testing, 8,9 need work. There are still inconsistencies in mirroring: directories are not always traversed correctly when uploading; deleting remote directories fails due to them being non-empty.
2 April 2007
A minor rewrite has become large overhaul. I am planning to migrate all NLS stuff to gettext and experimenting with it. The biggest foreseen obstacle is a necessity of carrying libintl and libiconv together with NFTP on obsolete operating systems. Greatly expanded mirror options but haven't finished implementation of the features. More later...
30 March 2007
Started minor rewrite of menu i18n routines to make menu editing less painful in internationalized versions.
29 March 2007
Removed FTP search interface code. It seems that no public ftpsearch servers exist now.
25 March 2007
More than 3 years have passed... Several built-in viewer improvements. Search in viewer is now case insensitive. Horizontal offset in viewer is now unlimited (was 256). Search string is remembered in viewer.
12 Sep 2003
Found a bug causing crash at startup in unregistered version when history is absent (fresh install). Issued 1.72.b4. My son Lev Ayukov was born this day, 20:40 MSK.
9 Sep 2003
Released 1.72 beta 3.
3 Sep 2003
Fixed bug which could cause crash when mirroring. mirror.include-subdirs now works correctly when uploading. Downloading to root directory of the drive is possible again. Loading history has been sped up.
Look at the archive: prior to 1.22 | 1.22 -- 1.50 | 1.50 -- 1.72.b2.
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