FTP server software

This page lists server-side software for the FTP protocol, in alphabetical order. Additions are welcome (send me an URL). Note that files are not stored on this site; we only keep links to homepages.
NcFTPd by Mike Gleason
Unix, binary only, commercial. Free for educational organizations.
Claimed advantages: very fast, powerful, secure, easy to configure, supports virtual hosts.

ProFTPD by Public Flood Software
Unix, under GPL, free.
Claimed advantages: written from scratch, very secure yet powerful, easy to configure.

WU-FTPD (originally by Bryan D. O'Connor at Washington University)
Unix and some other platforms, source available, free.
Claimed advantages: the most popular ftp daemon in the Internet.

Windows, $19.95 ($24.95 with SSL support)
Easy to user ftp server software; has advanced features such as SSL/TLS, UTF8 , UPnP NAT traversal and more.

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