NFTP : New File Transfer Protocol Client
Copyright (C) 1994-2002 Sergey Ayukov

NFTP manual (main part)

Starting from version 1.20, detailed information about development progress is also available.


Version 0.1 (preview) 02 Feb 1995
First usable version. Used FTPAPI calls. Very slow; control connection messages cannot be seen. Wasn't exposed to public, although available.

Version 0.2 (preview) 19 Apr 1995
Got rid of FTPAPI. Full-scale socket programming of ftp control connection and data transfers. Introduced bookmarks.

Version 0.3 (preview)
Never showed to public. The last version compiled with IBM CSet++. See 0.4.

Version 0.4 (preview) 25 May 1995
Nearly the same as 0.3, but compiled with emx 0.9a + gcc 2.6.3. A handful of new features:

Version 0.5 (preview; close the beta stage) 16 Jul 1995
Bugfixes plus Will not work after 31 Dec 1995

Version 0.51 (preview; close the beta stage) 19 Jul 1995
I am sorry for releasing 0.5 so full of bugs... There was a lot of...

Version 0.52
Same as 0.51 but without 31 Dec limitation. Only to be distributed by SAMS Publishing.

Version 0.53 (beta) 21 Dec 1995
Nearly the same as 0.52 but limited to 30 March 1996.

Version 0.60 (beta) 31 Mar 1996
I am a bit short on time; 0.53 expires today, so some new features weren't tested much. Bugfixes and small improvements plus:

Version 0.70 (beta) 30 Apr 1996
Few bugfixes (including failing to recognize "hostname/directory" format when specified in the command line) plus

Version 0.71 (beta) 2 Jun 1996
Several bugfixes plus

Version 0.72 (beta) 6 Jun 1996
No new functionality. Fixed small mistakes in national language translations. Added Norwegian version. Added missing ASCII and Postscript manuals.

Version 0.80 (beta) 12 Jul 1996

Version 0.81 (beta) 9 Aug 1996
Mostly bugfixes. Also

Version 0.82 (beta) 15 Aug 1996
Fixed bug causing zerodivide when transferring small (<1000 bytes) files and total size of batch transfer is larger than 1MB.

Version 0.83 (beta) 27 Sep 1996
I am very sorry -- releasing 0.82 with 1 Oct limit was a very stupid idea because right now I am in process of completing my PhD. I hope to return to work on NFTP in middle October or early November. There are no differences between 0.82 and 0.83 except expiration date. French version is now integrated into the package.

This version will live until 1 Feb 1997 (apparently I don't want to disappoint you just when you're celebrating New Year ;-) I hope to produce release (1.0) meantime.

Version 0.90 (release) 30 Jan 1997
This version is essentially the same as 1.0; it will expire 1 Mar 1997 so you can use it while registering version NFTP (<smile>). Many small bugfixes and much more improved error checking plus

Version 1.00 (release) 30 Jan 1997
Same as version 0.90 but requires registering to transfer files larger than 500KB.
26 Feb 1997 was a black day in NFTP history. My hard drive (Quantum BigFoot 2.5GB) has died (only 3/4 sectors are readable). Latest NFTP sources were lost; I was thrown to pre-1.00 level. After long and painful attempts to read what is readable, much of the source code was restored, but I am still not sure that every feature/bugfix of 1.00 has been recovered. The result is version 1.02.

Version 1.01
SOCKS-capable version (was in limited distribution). Only binaries survived the hard drive accident by pure chance.

Version 1.02 (release) 16 Apr 1997
Close to 1.01. Comparing to 1.00, it fixes great deal of small bugs and adds ability to insert/edit bookmarks from inside NFTP (Insert/Ctrl-E).

Version 1.03 (release) 18 Apr 1997
The bug (probably in IBM VisualAge C++ compiler) prevented 1.02 from working under Warp 3. This version is compiled with emx/gcc as usual. Also fixed:

Version 1.10 (beta) 21 Dec 1997
Quite significant rewrite. The program is no longer multithreaded which has greatly reduced complexity and eliminated number of obscure bugs. The source code is highly portable now; OS-dependent part is only several kilobytes. This would allow myself to port NFTP to other OSes if I will want it. So far only Win32 port is planned but no work has been done yet. National language support system is almost completely new; it now relies on text files with message strings instead of DLLs. This allows to check translations/layout/syntax very quickly and is also much more portable than DLLs.

Among the new features are:

Version 1.11 (release) 10 Jan 1998
This release fixes numerous bugs found in 1.10.
Behaviour of 'auto-fetch-descriptions' has been changed a little; automatic/manual loading is now switched with Ctrl-O. 'auto-fetch-descriptions=no' means that NFTP starts in "manual" mode. Use Ctrl-O to switch it to automatic mode.

Version 1.20 (release) 25 Feb 1998
Minor bugfixes and interface improvements since 1.11.

Version 1.21 (release) 5 April 1998
Bugfixes since 1.20, plus FreeBSD and SPARC Solaris ports and automatic nftp.ini update when upgrading to next version.

Version 1.22 (release) 22 May 1998
Bugfixes since 1.21, plus
Version 1.30 (release) 20 August 1998
Minor tweaks and bugfixes, plus

Version 1.40 (release) 23 October 1998
Minor bugfixes plus

Version 1.41 (release) 18 November 1998
Bugfixes since 1.40; there are no new features. Possible security vulnerability has been fixed.

Version 1.50 (release) 6 February 1999
Several major additions: plus a lot of less important enhancements and bugfixes:
Version 1.51 (release) 4 April 1999
Usual string of bugfixes plus

Version 1.52 (release) 10 April 1999
Several bugfixes since 1.51. Most important one: version 1.51 would not delete its temporary files.

Version 1.53 (release) 12 April 1999
Fixed awful bug (was present since 1.51) when on some sites NFTP would not parse listing correctly. Updated Hungarian translation.

Version 1.60 (release) 22 October 1999
Most important fixes: New features and improvements:

Version 1.61 (release) 12 January 2000
Most important fixes since 1.60: New features:

Version 1.62 (release) 21 May 2000
Most important fixes since 1.61: New features:

Version 1.63 (release) 7 September 2001
New since 1.62: Fixes:

Version 1.70 (release) 30 June 2002
New since 1.63: Fixes:

Version 1.71 (release) 20 October 2002
New since 1.70: Fixes:

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